• The surgeon will take into consideration your current size and body shape, your measurements and the quality of your skin, and importantly what you want to achieve.
  • You can try different implants sizes in the consultation room, but this will only give you a rough idea.
  • For an added cost of £90, the clinic can produce a 3D scan of your body using the Crisalix system. You can then select from a range of popular implant sizes and the system will produce different projections of your new breasts.

Before-and-After Crisalix

Crisalix 3D

  • There is a limit to what can be done if you want your breasts to look natural. Having implants that are too large will look unnatural, and the added weight may increase the likelihood that they will start to droop over time.
  • In the case of very large implants, your surgeon may suggest lighter weight ‘B-Lite’ implants.

B Lite Breast Implants


  • The size you have decided before the operation can, on rare occasions, be changed during the operation, if the surgeon considers that the original size is not appropriate.