A consultation is the first step towards improving the appearance of your breasts.

Consultations are held in central London at our Harley Street address.

A breast surgery consultation is free and may be booked here or by clicking the pop-up link at the bottom of the page.

The consultation generally takes 30 minutes.

Surgery is performed at a later date at a QCC private hospital on Harley Street.

Harley Breast Address
The purpose of a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon is to decide whether you are a good candidate for breast augmentation and reshaping, and what are your surgical options.  The cosmetic surgeon will explain the details of the surgery including how the surgery carried out, what the risks are and what results you can expect to achieve.

At the start of the consultation, you will answer some questions about your past medical history, what surgical procedures you may have had (cosmetic and non-cosmetic), what other medical conditions you may have; what medication you are taking, and if you have an allergy to any medication.

Harley Breast Consultation Room Photo

Initial Consultation

You will meet your surgeon and will tell him exactly what you want, why you want it and for how long you have thought about it.

You will be asked to give information about your previous operations (cosmetic and non-cosmetic), your health condition, your current medications, any allergies to medications, and if you are a smoker or not.

Your surgeon will examine you and will take some measurements and ask you more questions about what you are wanting to achieve.

The whole operation will be explained to you in detail, including:

– The type of anaesthesia (sedation + local or general anaesthesia),

– the incision length (1.5 inches / 4 cm),

– the proposed location of the incisions (submammary, periareolar, axillary), and likely outcome of this scar,

– the type of implants to be used (cohesive gel of silicone/ 3 different shapes (round, conical, or teardrop shape),

– 2 different surfaces (textured or smooth),

– different implant width, projection and overall sizes,

– the type of implant pockets (subglandular, submuscular, dual plane),

– the drains to be used, if any,

– the type of sutures used and the type of dressing.

As you will usually be staying at least a few hours, or overnight in the clinic, your drains will be removed just before discharged, and your dressing changed for smaller ones before you leave.

You are supposed to wear a surgical or sports bra, with a strap across the upper chest, and keep it on for 3 to 6 weeks, all day and night.

Your stitches are dissolvable.

You can go back to work after 1-2 weeks and back to the gym after 4 weeks.

This procedure can be performed as a  day case, or with an overnight stay.